Straight from Cajun Dan’s Kitchen…


Cajun Dan’s (CD’s)  Meatloaf

1 cup Cajun Dan’s
2 pounds hamburger meat
Fold in the CD’s. Form the loaf.
Bake at 375 for 35 minutes.


Cajun Dan’s  Guacamole Sensation

3 ripe avocados   ½ CD’s , 1 teaspoon of lime juice, salt/pepper and a dash of cayenne pepper.  Scoop out the avocados and mix with ingredients. Mash or whip for desired texture.

Cajun Dan’s Chili Grande

Brown 1 lb. hamburger in skillet. Fold in 1 cup CD’s. Stir til boiling then simmer for 10 minutes.  Great on salads, tacos, right out of the skillet.  Toss on some Cheddar cheese to kick it up some…

Cajun Dan’s is sensational on any Mexican dish as well as scrambled eggs, as a salad dressing, or atop red beans, jambalaya, chili, soups…

Plop it on top if you want the flavor to pop!